How to Prevent and Minimize Facial Hair Growth

Some quotes place the number at approximately 50 million for ladies in the United States wary of facial hair removal. Undesired facial hair across the lips or beneath the chin is identified by plenty to be unwanted and for female, it could have an effect on her self- confidence and feelings of femininity.

Consequently, waxing kits, sugaring pastes, tweezers, and threading methods are in tremendous demand. A lot of ladies decide to use wax or sugaring paste or tweezers by themselves in the house. Such techniques are cheap despite the fact that they need repeating each and every couple weeks based on the rate of hair growth.

There is a way to improve these home sessions for removing hair and make it easier and the hair removal more long lasting. Especially since these methods prevent and minimize how much hair actually grows back, especially on the face and the hair that does grow is much finer and much easier to remove, it is certainly worth a look.

For quite some time different personal care and pharmaceutic firms did research on this issue. In the year 2000 a press release was produced that a cream was now accessible, particularly for facial hair removal for females, that could slow hair growth so facial hair removal sessions wouldn't be so frequent.

Prescription Facial Hair Growth Inhibitor

Bristol- Myer Squibb together with The Gillette Company accomplished in getting FDA(Food and Drug Administration) approval to get a prescription cream that, while utilized regularly for the skin, supresses hair growth. They called it Vaniqa.

Clinical trials and tests demonstrated it had some impact on around 58% of the women who tried it. Unwanted effects are small, simply skin irritation or redness from a small number of cases. Results emerged after two months.

An Accidental Hair Growth Inhibitor is Discovered

Some years prior to that, around 1993, Nisim International, based in Toronto, unveiled a product to curb hair loss. It had been highlighted in the Medical Post and the clinical trial results stated it was quite amazing in blocking hair loss and generating new hair growth.

You many be wondering what this has to do with facial hair removal options? Well, within their adventures in developing something to stop hair loss by treating the hair follicles, the Nisim laboratory accidentally discovered a method that got the hair follicles to stop producing hair using natural enzymes.

Non Prescription Way To Slow Hair Growth

Four years later, they released Kalo, a hair growth inhibitor based on natural ingredients. You do not need a prescription to get it, it can be bought over the counter.  It's for both males and females and can be utilized on any part of the body, not like Vaniqa that is just for ladies and use is limited for the facial areas. Furthermore, the manufacturers of Kalo offer a money back guarantee.

Therefore ladies who regularly use waxes, sugaring pastes or strips, tweezers, or who use the popular threading method, can currently make facial hair removing a lot easier. Because the hair grows back far less and is much thinner it is easier to get rid of with home remedies and less frequent treatments to remove facial hair are required.

Hair growth inhibitors like Vaniqa and Kalo interrupt the normal mechanism for hair growth so frequent use ends in a lowering of hair growth including a improvements on hair texture, which makes it easier to get rid of. This implies facial hair removal sessions get much more sporadic. Taking into account the excessive costs of electrolysis and laser hair removal, this alternative could well be worthwhile looking into more in order to prevent and minimize facial and body hair growth.

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